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Absorption of calcined anthracite coal is important

calcined anthracite coal

China is a major exporter of calcined anthracite. In addition to having high quality anthracite raw materials in the world, the calcination technology of anthracite is abundant. Generally, the main parameters of anthracite are fixed carbon, sulfur, ash, moisture and volatile matter. However, the above indicators are difficult to fully demonstrate the performance of calcined anthracite as a carburant.

Absorption rate is an important indicator for steel mills to measure the performance of carburants. High absorption rate means more carbon is absorbed. For example, the absorption rate increases from 80% to 90%, and the consumption of carburant can be reduced by 11%. If calculated at the price of 400USD / ton, you can reduce the purchase cost: 44USD / ton.

Calcined anthracite particles, which are usually easily absorbed by molten steel, exhibit more metallic luster, which is related to the quality of anthracite raw materials. Such calcined anthracites generally have a large specific gravity, and when they are put into molten steel, they are more likely to settle into the molten steel and to be absorbed, and on the contrary, it floats on the surface of the molten steel for a long time and is lost by oxidation.

At the same time, the calcined anthracite with metallic luster on the surface has a large surface area due to the internal structure of the particles, so that it can be combined with molten steel to achieve rapid dissolution and absorption.

Therefore, when you choose and evaluate the quality of calcined anthracite, you should not only limit the parameters of fixed carbon, sulfur, ash, moisture and volatiles, but also pay attention to the final performance of anthracite. The more intuitive method can be adopted to visually compare the appearance gloss of different calcined anthracites, or you can also measure the gloss and true density with the instrument to comprehensively judge them.

As shown in the figure below, the three types of calcined anthracite particles have basically the same fixed carbon and sulfur content, but Type No3 (1-4mm) is completely made from Taixi anthracite coal in Ningxia Province, China, and there are significant differences between it and other two types in gloss via visual inspection.

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calcined anthracite samplesample of calcined anthracite


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