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Barter Trade of Aluminum and Carbon Anode

In some countries and regions, when an electrolytic aluminum plant purchased carbon anode, they often pay the carbon anode plant after they have used the carbon anode for a cycle.As there isliquidity shortage of the electrolytic aluminum plant, even the payment is delayed for a few months, as a result,the carbon anode plants always very passive andhasmore receivables caused by the provided carbon anode in arrears.

When not to get the payment in time, the carbon anode plant will put forward an”exchange-products”plan that is between carbon anode and aluminum ingots. In the trade with the plan,the carbon anode plant will get aluminum ingotsthat have the equalmonetary amount of the carbon anode supplied by the carbon anode plant to the electrolytic aluminum plant.By this strategy,the carbon anode plant gets rid of the payment method of the electrolytic aluminum plant.


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