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Baked Carbon Anode Blocks and Scrap will be Sold

A European electrolytic aluminum plant restarted production and changed the shape of Aluminium Reduction Rooms,Therefore, there are carbon scrap blocks and baked carbon anode blocks will be sold because cannot use them in thenfuture, and the index parameters of carbon scrap blocks are as follows:

50mm -300mm
max 20% below 50mm
Fixed Carbon: above 85%
Sulphur Less than 3 %
Dust and small size: less than 1 %

test report carbon block EU


The above products are from EU countries

For exporting from EU this material (waste not dangerous) is also important receive from you the license importation of your end user.

EU country has a strictly rules for the exportation of this material considered from the authorities as a non dangerous waste.

So we require the documentation in order to receive from EU government approval for exportation are:

Declaration letter from your end user where he explain which application is subject this material;

Approval of importation of this product from the local authorities of your end user is based;

If you consider these info confidential I could share with you an NDI.


JH Carbon

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