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Commissioned processing of calcined anthracite coal in Liaoning

calcined anthracite coal

In the first half of 2019,Chinese government calcined anthracite production plant in ningxia region environmental governance, governance’s main goal is to reduce the calcined anthracite coal production and transportation process of dust flying, because most of the factory products there are open Spaces, open storage condition is easy to cause the dust emission, the unstructured for Chinese government to screen all of calcined anthracite production factory for outdoor storage factory order to suspend production rectification, asking them to set up factories to reach all the raw materials and products are heap, existing in plant, and the flying of dust control measures.

A large part of the factory to stop production and even some manufacturers permanently shut down production in succession exit the market, so in the second half of the Calcined anthracite coal prices are also gradually rise, in the face of such situation, Calcined anthracite as customers — — — — — steel mills and foundries, on the one hand, they can accept prices, on the other hand they seek to use other Carburant (such as: Calcined Petroleum Coke) instead of Calcined anthracite .

My company in liaoning province in China (northeast China) and a positive, cooperative and calcined anthracite production factory import anthracite for production from surrounding countries such as Russia, Russia and other countries of anthracite coal quality is stable, plus Chinese calcined anthracite coal production technology mature, so the production of calcined anthracite indicators are very good, and has strong price advantage, so China’s recognition and trust of users.

The production plant of calcining anthracite coal cooperated is less than 250km from the port of dalian, and the logistics cost will also be low. Therefore, under the condition of the same quality level, the price of calcining anthracite exported by our company from dalian has certain advantages under the condition of ensuring the quality index.

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