How to determine the quality of calcined pet coke for brake pads?

Brake pads produce harsh noise and a lot of heat when it works,In order to solve the problem,Usually, people add calcined petroleum coke particles to the brake pads,Because   the  calcined coke has good particle stability and plenty of pores inside,The rich pores make a good sound absorption and  the heat emission is faster because of the large surface area.


Many plants add calcined petroleum coke grains to brake linings in China,The addition ratio is usually controlled by 4-8% through their constant exploration.and that, the amount of 40-60 mesh and 60-80 mesh grains are in great requirement.


How to determine the quality of calcined petroleum coke grain from appearan?

Is the cross section of thegrains glossy ? This is also a difference between calcined petroleum coke grain and other coke grain。
And then check the size of the grain material through simple methods,scratches grain by hand ,Then release hand and look at the cleanliness of your palm. Please watch video from the website: