Calcined Petroleum Coke as Carbon Additive and Carbon Raiser and Carburant

Carburizing production line begins to run.The particles are as follows:2-8mm,8-25mm.


The calcined petroleum coke has low ash content, high fixed carbon content, sulfur content at 1.6%, and maximum value not exceeding 2%.Other parameters are as follows
(1)True density:2.05g/cc ;
(5)Electrical resistivity: 500 uΩm.


Our factory is adjacent to the port.—–Lianyungang of China,At the same time, it is very near to the manufacture of petroleum coke—-Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.


We has two Pot Furnaces for Calcined Petroleum Coke ,It can produce 4000 tons per month.