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Lowest price of calcined petroleum coke from Chinese agent

calcined petroleum coke loading

We hereby declare that the above calcined petroleum coke refers in particular to the calcined petroleum coke, for example, that required for the production of carbon anodes for aluminum. Its order volume is very large which is usually about 10,000 tons in general, not including small orders such as calcined petroleum coke particles and calcined petroleum coke powder.

Since the contract amount of the order for calcined petroleum coke is large and the production cycle is long, the two parties should have high professional skills and industry background, otherwise, the negotiation of the order will often turn into a waste of time.

The advantages of our company as a partner and agency in Chinese market:With more than 20 years of production technology and experience of carbon anode and industry background, our company has the ability to evaluate and supervise the production process of calcined petroleum coke

We are very familiar with the market dynamics of petroleum coke and calcined petroleum coke in China, and we have close relation with many calcining plants which focus on production and their export of calcined petroleum coke depends on the cooperation with exporters.

We have experienced international trade team and have the technical consultation ability on carbon anode production.

We can provide reasonable solutions and competitive cooperation plants for different index requirements of calcined petroleum coke.

If you do EXW Term with us, our price would be much better and have more advantage.

For the sake of safe cooperation, sugesstion buyers to visit, inspect and check the Chinese factories which we cooperate with, so as to lay the necessary foundation for the future cooperation and seek stable and long-term cooperation.

Similarly, when the market price of calcined petroleum coke is high or there is a shortage of supply in China, our company, as the importer of calcined petroleum coke, will seek cooperation and agency to meet the raw material demand of carbon anode production in China.


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