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Supply Carbon Anode Butts and Carbon Blocks from Malaysia

The Malaysian aluminum company imports carbon anodes from China,The main supplier of carbon anode was founded by the founder of JH CARBON and his colleagues in 2005. The capacity of the carbon anode production line reaches 160000 tons / year,The process and equipment of green anode technology is from France SOLIOS company.

JH CARBON has established a long-term cooperation with Malaysian aluminum company and purchased carbon anode butts from the company, At present, it mainly exports to Indonesia(Carbon anodes is often called anoda karbon), Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and part of Africa.

The main parameters and packing of carbon block are as follows:

Fixed carbon: 97%

Sulfur: 2.5%

Ash: 1.5%

Size: 100-300 mm 90%

Packing: 20-22 tons per container

Please read the testing report of SGS

testing report SGS
testing report SGS


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