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Our carbon anode scrap and electrode paste to be exported to northern Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam’s economic development has maintained a remarkably high growth rate, and the demand for metal materials has also been increasing. As a result, in North Vietnam, more and more waste metal smelting and recycling production lines are also increasing, such as the smelting and recycling of waste copper, aluminum, lead and E-wastes, and the gradual increase of ferroalloy production plants.

In addition to some plants using natural gas and electricity as the smelting energy of these waste metals, there are a large number of plants using traditional cokes and carbon anode scrap as fuel, and a large number of these plants are built with the help of Chinese engineers and technicians in the early stages.

Carbon electrode paste, as self-baking electrodes for ferroalloy production, the Vietnamese factories do not have obvious comparative advantages in producing them. The main raw materials of electrode pastes (such as carbon anode scrap and calcined petroleum coke) are also imported from other countries.

The factories in northern Vietnam usually import through Haiphong port. If they import scrap anodes and carbon electrode pastes from China, they can try transporting them by truck through Hekou port in Yunnan Province and Shuikou port in Guangxi Province, which can greatly reduce the logistics cost.

Our company has advantages in the supply of carbon anode scrap and carbon electrode pastes in the areas bordering Yunnan, China and Vietnam. At present, we can transport our products to the factories in northern Vietnam by truck. We welcome Vietnamese friends who have the demand for carbon anode scrap and carbon electrode paste to cooperate with us.


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