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Discuss with waste graphite electrodes in China

Now let me talk about the waste graphite electrode in China and don’t mean to make the business more complicate.

All the discussion and communication and any other things we do is to facilitate the business and assure that we provide you the exact products you need. So now I am writing to you to explain or clarify several points about the business.

In China, the recycling use of broken graphite electrodes in relatively big size is mature not only because China is abundant in natural graphite resourses, but also China has a solid foundation in man-made graphite industry.

Those broken graphite electrodes are usually reprocessed to the same grade graphite electrodes to be used in manufacturing industry like steel and ferrosilicon smelting. Some are also reprocessed into graphite heterotype products like graphite crucible and some others.

The higher grade and bigger size of graphite electrodes, the higher their prices are. Correspondingly, the price of such broken graphite electrodes will be higher.

Therefore, we want to know thespecific use of the broken graphite electrodes you are purchasing so that we can recommend proper products to you based on our experience.

Here, proper products mean that the broken graphite electrodes provided by us will be able to guarantee your requirements on use, at the same time, to avoid excess quality so that no waste will occur.

In China, the exporting graphite electrode are generally classified into three types: workblank products, semi-finished products and finished products (pictures on this page).

The parameters and perfomance of broken graphite electrode will be assured correspondingly with the HP or UHP graphite electrodes. And China’s producing and processing level of graphite electrodes are very high and mature. Also the manufacturers who are cooperating with our company are trustworthy. Of course, we will conduct inspection process before delivery.

The exporting of graphite electrodes is under our government’s control and has no export tax-rebate, which is the same as the exporting of carbon anode scrap.

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