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Establish cooperation PRESS METAL INC OF Malaysia

All the time,The company has been importing carbon anodes from China all along.Usually they choose several mature factories as supplies In order to control the quality of anode.


In recent years, they plan to build their own carbon anode factory in China To further extend the industrial chain.On the other hand, China has rich resources of petroleum coke.


China Hunan Chuangyuan Aluminum Company is situated in the south of China. The company and its carbon anode plant shut down production in 2015.Mr.Xiang and his colleagues to build the company’s carbon anode plant in 2005.


This year, PRESS METAL INC OF Malaysia negotiated how to buy the carbon anode production line with China Hunan Chuangyuan Aluminum Company.As a result, the two sides reached an agreement : PRESS METAL INC buy all the assets of the carbon anode plant.Plan to start the carbon anode production line in September.


The takeover benefits our company’s cooperation with the company.We are PRESS METAL INC Agent about carbon anode scrap before this.In the future,The cooperation between we and PRESS METAL INC will be more extensive in the field of carbon.


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