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General design of Hasler Suisse Sàrl in China carbon production line

The Hasler proportioning devices are specially designed for material proportioning in the manufacturer of aluminum anodes, the purchased equipment fulfilled the specifications established by the Buyer.


The principle of functioning is composed of :
7 Loss-in-weight, (6 Granul material, 1 Powder material) , 1 Liquid Pitch by Coriolis system.
Each Feeders has one SCM controller and Motor drive An Operator interface, type KSU is installed in central room, with possibility to visualize all information of each feeder. In case of defect of KSC, it’s possible to drive each dosing Feeders since KSU interface.
The dosing supervision of the feeders is realized by Hasler KSC.
On the KSC it is possible to memorise minimum 20 formulations,One serial communication Allen Bradley Control Net to transfer the necessary information to the Host computer.
One diagnostic CD to install on PC Notbook Customer.
Loss-in-weight Feeders are completely tight of dust and easy maintenance.


One silo test permeted to check the Accuracy of coriolis, the SCM controller control the filling of the silo test.The Valve cat of gate included a deflector system to prevent the granul in to the guide
(1) The construction material of the equipment is of high quality with first class workmanship.
(2) The electronic technology involved is of the latest design of Hasler Suisse and corresponds to the requirement in the contract
(3) The safety protection standards CE and US have been respected in all known aspects.


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