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Index of calcined petroleum coke from China

China’s foreign dependence on crude oil has already exceeded 50%,The import of crude oil is mainly from the Middle East,The content of sulfur content in crude oil from the Middle East is higher and the associated part of the trace element is higher,In particular the content of vanadium。

It is a way to reduce the consumption of carbon anode by controlling the content of trace elements in the calcined petroleum coke.But at the same time, we should consider the inflection effect of this method and the cost of the raw material.

The air reactivity and co2 reactivity of carbon anodes or calcined petroleum coke are not alone dependent on the content of a certain trace element(for example, when the content of vanadium is high, but the content of calcium and sodium is quite low, its reactive activity may still be in a stable state.).More depends on the total content of each trace element,It even depends on the comprehensive performance of the calcined petroleum coke. It’s very difficult. If all trace elements Be satisfied at the same time.Not only the cost of purchasing will be greatly increased,And the calcined coke production plants are also difficult to cooperate steadily.Because all trace elements are at the same time in a low level of petroleum coke resources are very limited, and the supply of petroleum coke supply security is uncertain.Petroleum coke is very limited if all trace elements are controlled at a low level at the same time, it is difficult to guarantee the supply of petroleum coke.

About moisture content:

Most of the calcined coke producers use a pot type furnace in China,The process cooling method is indirect cooling( Note: the direct spraying of cooling water in the rotary kiln ),The content of the calcined coke is almost zero when they come out of the furnace.But they will absorb the water in the air during the storage and transportation process. So the moisture content often depends on the air humidity in the region,Special coastal areas,We suggested that implemented the Chinese standard: YS/T625-2012.





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