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How to ensure the size when loading carbon anode butts

carbon anode butts from Middle East

JH CARBON  has a good cooperation relationship with aluminum smelters in the Middle East,we have been loading carbon anode butts(another name is carbon blocks in some of countries and regions) in the Middle East and transporting carbon anode butts to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Taiwan, South Korea, Zambia and other regions since 2018.

For safety and environmental reasons ,Usually aluminum smelters of the Middle East are not allowed to load carbon blocks into containers by manual handling.

 How to ensure the size of carbon block when loading container ?

We suggest to use a special forklift hopper (see the picture) when loading the container. At the same time, if the forklift driver is careful in operation, it can basically avoid a large amount of powder being brought into the container.

Through half a year of practice, the proportion of powder can be controlled at 1-3%.


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