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Manual Loading Carbon Anode Butts in the Middle East

Manual loading carbon anode butts

Note: the carbon anode butts is also called carbon anode scrap or carbon block In different international and regional.

Carbon anode butts in the Middle East has always had a competitive price advantage. Some waste metal smelters from Southeast Asia have also started to accept carbon anode butts from the Middle East. most of Middle East Aluminum plants does not allow manual handling of the carbon anode butts to the container at their site for safety reasons, and the carbon anode butts  can only be done mechanically (usually in the 40’ container). However, these waste metal smelters are still more concerned about the quality of carbon anode butts from the Middle East , especially the proportion of dust has been comparatively as high as 3-5%.

For this reason, JH CARBON and the Middle East supplier discussed the following solution. The company transports the carbon anode of the aluminum plant by truck to a yard far away from the site of the aluminum plant, and then carries out manual carbon anode butts operations inside this yard. This operation mode can basically ensure and reduce the proportion of dust to be controlled at about 1%.

Through more than a month of preparation, JH CARBON started manual loading carbon anode butts in late December 2021, around 26 tons/20 feet container , currently supplying to the Philippines and planning to expand to other countries and regions such as Vietnam.

Please browse the loading video of the carbon anode butts


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