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India will become a leader in the metal recycling industry

India is a major country in metal recycling industry, Raw materials and fuels mainly come from overseas such as nonferrous metals, coke and carbon anode butts.

China, Malaysia and other countries restrict the import of scrap metal, providing an excellent opportunity for resource recovery practitioners in India.

Since 2017, the global waste and waste treatment industry has been in a state of interruption. In 2017, China, once the world’s largest waste importer, announced a ban on the import of most plastic, metal and paper wastes to help control pollution.

Since then, Malaysia has become the preferred destination for global metal and plastic wastes. However, the country has recently raised the purity threshold for waste imports, which makes global metal recyclers uneasy.

Dhawal Shah, senior vice president of MRAI, said that for India’s recycling industry, Malaysia’s ban has brought a “great opportunity” to win new business and become a global leader in waste disposal industry.

Shah said that India’s recycling industry is fully capable of benefiting from the withdrawal of its Chinese and Malaysian counterparts, as long as the government’s regulations are considered thoroughly, clear policies are formulated, and waste products are treated in an environmentally friendly manner.

India is already a major metal recycling country, with about 50% of its steel, 40% of its nonferrous metals and almost all stainless steels coming from secondary sources. About 60% of the waste supply comes from overseas.

The smelting process of scrap metal usually use coke and carbon block(carbon anode butts) as fuel, which also means that in a considerable period of time, the import quantity of coke and carbon block in India will increase year by year. JH CARBON will expand clients in the Indian market and establish a long-term, stable and friendly cooperative relationship with Indian partners to seek common development and enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain of JH CARBON.


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