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Business investigation of the demand for metal recycling smelting and metallurgical coke

Business investigation on aluminum recycling and regeneration in Vietnam, copper smelting in Indonesia, electrolytic aluminum in Indonesia, and coke demand in Malaysia in May 2024

Northern Vietnam Aluminum Ingots and Cans
In our recent business investigation trip, the first destination was northern Vietnam, where we investigated the process of melting aluminum ingots in cans. During this visit, it became evident that many factories in the region are struggling with suboptimal production conditions. These factories not only lacked the necessary raw materials to maintain consistent production but also faced challenges related to outdated equipment and insufficient safety measures. The pressing need for improved infrastructure and reliable raw material supply was a common theme across multiple facilities.

Indonesia Electrolytic Aluminum and Carbon Blocks
Following the observations in Vietnam, the next stop was Indonesia, where we visited an electrolytic aluminum factory. The primary goal of this visit was to negotiate a long-term cooperation agreement for the supply of carbon blocks, which are essential in the electrolytic production of aluminum. The discussions were fruitful, highlighting the potential for a stable and mutually beneficial partnership. This cooperation is expected to enhance the efficiency and output quality of the Indonesian factory, while also ensuring a steady demand for our carbon blocks.

Malaysia Metallurgical Coke Cooperation
The final leg of the investigation led us to Malaysia, where we engaged in discussions concerning the supply of metallurgical coke. Metallurgical coke is a critical component in the metal production industry, particularly in steelmaking. Our meetings focused on establishing a robust supply chain to support local industries. The discussions were promising, paving the way for potential collaborations that would not only meet the local demand but also strengthen regional production capabilities.

Future Plans for JH CARBON LTD
Based on the insights gathered from these visits, JH CARBON LTD has outlined a strategic plan to commence the full-scale supply of metallurgical coke and casting coke in the second half of the year. This move is aimed at addressing the raw material shortages observed in northern Vietnam, while also leveraging the long-term partnerships formed in Indonesia and Malaysia. By doing so, JH CARBON LTD aspires to enhance production efficiencies, support local industries, and solidify its presence in the Southeast Asian market.

The investigation underscored the importance of reliable supply chains and quality raw materials in maintaining and improving industrial operations. With these strategic initiatives, JH CARBON LTD is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the region’s industrial growth and development.


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