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Particle of carbon anode scrap is used in carburant

carbon anode scrap 1-6 mm

Fixed carbon content of carbon anode scrap is generally 97%,ash content is 2-3%, Volatile matter around 1-2%, moisture below 3% , Sulphur around 1-3%。It is often used for smelting as fuel or used for anode paste.
The physical and chemical indexes of the carbon anode scrap depend largely on the calcination of petroleum coke,Usually these petroleum cokes are used to produce carbon anodes and then these carbon anodes be used in aluminium electrolyzer, It functions in both conducting electricity and generating chemical reaction,They will be gradually consumed by 85% and remaining 15% is the carbon anode scrap,Also called:carbon anode butts or waste carbon block.

It is used still for making carbon anodes when the sulfur content of calcined petroleum coke reached 3% in the china and others coutries ,So carbon anode scrap apply cautiously to carburant because sulfur of crbon anode more than 3% sometimes, If the sulfur of anode scrap is controlled below 1.5%,Well it will has a wide range of applications as carburant.

Of course and usually, they will been added  small quantity with other types carburant because of its high sulfur content.

In fact,There is rich about low sulfur oil in the northeast of China.the Petroleum coke converted from the oil slag and the sulfur content is aroud 1% ,Of course the calcined petroleum coke for carbon anode and sulfur content is very low in this area. Some of small factories start crushing and screening these anode scrap now.these fine particles of carbon anode scrap be used for carburant in China.

The size of the small particles after screening is 1-6mm、3-8mm and 5-10mm ,Size can also be adjusted according to customer requirements


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