Calcined Anthracite Coal

Calcined Anthracite Coal

Other Name : Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal or GCA
Other Name : Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal or ECA
Origin: China / Vietnam

  • Steelmaking and casting
  • Carbon raiser / carbon additive / carburizer
  • Electrode paste or carbon paste
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Calcined anthracite coal is anthracite that has been heat-treated and  raw comes from the high quality anthracite in Ningxia Province of China. It is world-famous with Vietnam’s Hongay coal and is known as the “king of coal” in the world. Its main characteristics are low phosphorus, low ash and low sulfur. Therefore, it can be used not only as a carburizing agent in steel smelting and foundry industry, but also in metallurgy industry to produce Carbon block, Cathodic carbon block, carbon brick and carbon paste .

There are usually two types of calcined anthracite coal (abbreviate:CAC   ) in China. One of which is gas calcined anthracite  widely used in foundry and iron and steel plants as carburizer(carbon additive,Carburant),Another is electrically calcined anthracite  which used in carbon electrode  paste and cathode carbon blocks.

The calcined anthracite coal is through high temperature treatment and screening, uniform particles, is one of the ideal materials for carburizer and electrode paste.

In China, anthracite is usually calcined in electric calciners, rotary kilns and pot furnaces, and the anthracite produced in electric calciners is called as electrically calcined coal (ECA for short) while the anthracite produced in other two calciners is called as gas calcined coal (GCA for short).

Electrically calcined anthracite coal, Electrical forging material is made from high-quality anthracite and during calcining, the temperature up to 2000℃ By calining the high-qualityanthracite, the Coal lattice is hanged Then the anthracite becomes half graphitization. Then themateral can meet many demands by changing its physical and chemistry characte Thespecification.

Due to it is low in volatile matters, good in thermal and electrical conductivity with the powder resistivity about 600 and mainly used in carbon bricks, electrode pastes and cathode carbon blocks with certain requirements for electrical conductivity. Moreover, the proportion and particle size of ECA in such products vary depending on the situation of different enterprises.

The calcination temperature of GCA is about 1200℃ and its electrical conductivity is far inferior to that of ECA, but the sulfur content of anthracite is usually 0.3-0.5%. GCA is widely used in steel and foundry industry as coal recarburizer by virtue of its higher cost performance.

About the production processes of  calcining coal, please click on the page — calcined anthracite coal processes

Please browse the following video to see the appearance of the product

Calcined anthracite coal with FC 92% and size 1-5mm


Main Featrues

  • Low sulfur and  low Nitrogen dioxide
  • Low Resistance
  • Even granules and stable in chemical

Specifications: GCA

Specifications : ECA


Vietnam Anthracite Coal

Vietnam’s coal is mainly distributed in tỉnh quảng ninh in the northeast of vietnam. Hongay coal mine in tỉnh quảng ninh is the largest coal  in southeast asia,Hongay is abound in  high-quality anthracite coal and has good brand benefits in the world, just like the anthracite coal in ningxia province of china.

We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with anthracite plants in Vietnam,We also provide calcined anthracite coal and dried anthracite coal from Vietnam:

—– Calcined Anthracite Coal
FC 95%,ASH 4%,S 0.5%
FC 92%,ASH 6.5%,S 0.5%

—– Dried Anthracite Coal
FC 85%, Ash 11%,VM 4%,S 1%, MO: 5%
FC87%, Ash7%, VM 7%,S 0.65%, MO:5%

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