Calcined Coke Breeze

Calcined Coke Breeze

Other Name: Charge Carbon,Injection Carbon
Other Name: Semi Coke Breeze,Coal Breeze
Other Name: Coke Breeze Backfill
Packing: 25Kg bag / Ton bag
Origin: China
Standard: Execute Contract
Min Order Quantity: 25MT
Supply Capability: 500 Tons/month
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Service: Provides Technological Consulting

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Usually coke breeze is called Charge coke or Injection coke.

Calcined petroleum coke breeze is a kind of widely used carbonaceous backfill for enhancing the performance of the impressed current foundation. The calcined petroleum coke breeze backfill around the anode makes the anode current be exhausted from the greatly increased surface, thus to reduce the anode resistance and consumption, thereby achieving cathodic protection, and greatly reducing the corrosion rate of the metal pipelines and components embedded in soils. As the backfill, the calcined petroleum coke breeze is not only featured in low resistance, but also preferable for air exhausting from soil.

We provide coke powder and carbon powder for all kinds of materials such as Semi Coke breeze,coal breeze ,coke breeze Backfill and carbon dust.

Our company has been supplied 20-40 、40-60 and 60-80 mesh calcined petroleum coke particles to China’s brake pad manufacturers and friction materials companies since 2014


  • Backfill for cathodic protection
  • Injecting in furnace to make furnace warmer for ceramic and cement industries
  • Making carbon pellet as the main raw material
  • coke breeze/power sinter for steel plants
  • Friction material and brake pads.

Main Featrues

  • High fixed carbon
  • Particles stability
  • Best  screening quality



  • Pet Coke size:0.2-1mm / 20-40 -60-80 mesh
  • Semi Coke size:  0.5-3mm /  1-3mm
  • Dimensions can be customized
  • Calciner:Pot-Type Calciner



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