Calcined pitch coke

Other Name: carburant / Pitch Coal

Packing: Ton bag or standard bag

Origin: China

standard: Execute Contract

Min Order Quantily: 100 Ton

Supply Abitly : 500Tons/month

Payment Terms : L/C T/T

Deliver Detail: INCOTERMS 2010

Service: Provides Technological Consulting


Product Description

Pitch coke is a kind of high-temperature coal tar pitch, which is made by using coal tar pitch by heating, dissolving, spraying and cooling forming process. Pitch coke is divided into two categories: coal tar pitch and petroleum bitumen. The asphalt binder for refractory materials is mainly coal tar pitch. The test raw material pitch was added to the asphalt dissolution vessel to be heated and dissolved. At the same time, the electric heating coil is turned on, and the liquid asphalt is ejected from the nozzle and atomized into fine particles by the air. The asphalt pellets are naturally cooled into semi-finished products by air in the cooling tower, and are sent to the three-dimensional vibrating screening filter by the bottom of the cooling tower to classify the spherical asphalt products that meet the requirements.


Pitch Coke/Coal Tar Pitch is a kind of black brittleness and blocky piece, lustrously at normal temperature. It has special odour and poisonous and can be easily flame when melting, second-grade inflammable solid.


Pitch Coke/Coal Tar Pitch is obtained from powerfully processed coal tar. Compared to petroleum asphalt, the adhesiveness is better. Coal Tar Pitch is high quality tar production with high fixed carbon. It has excellent adhesion, waterproofing and resistance against seawater, oil and various chemicals. In these properties, it is much better than petroleum asphalt tar.


Calcined pitch coke is processed by calcination of pitch coke coke. . It is an ideal carbon-adding material and reaction intermediate in metallurgical chemical, machinery and electric power industries. It is a widely used recarburizer.Our Calcined pitch coke price in kg is reasonable.

Application Industrial
  • Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water, shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust.
  • Can reduce the cost of steelmaking effectively by replacing the traditional petroleum coke of carburant.
  • Used for steel making,can improve the Carbon content in steel-melting and Ductile iron foundry.
Main Featrues
  • High fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur and low nitrogen, high cost performance.
  • High absorption rate, according to the use of high absorption rate can reach more than 90%.
  • The absorption speed is fast, does not adsorb the furnace wall, and there is no residue, the advantage of carbon absorption and absorption speed in the furnace is more obvious.
Index Unit Value Index Unit Value
S % 0.08 Ni ppm 50
P % 0.02 Na ppm 50
Moisture % 0.30 Si ppm 300
FC % 98.5 Ti ppm 50
Ash % 0.30 V ppm 50
Volatile % 0.50 Fe ppm 600
True density g/cc 2.00 N ppm 1800
For Your Attention
  • Typical size:1-5 mm / 3-8mm / 8-20mm
  • Calciner:Pot-Type Calciner

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