Petroleum Coke

Other Name: Pet Coke

Packing: In Bulk

Origin: China / Taiwan

standard: YBYJJ-1 / YBYJJ-2

Min Order Quantily: 2000 Tons

Supply Abitly: 50000 Tons

payment: L/C T/T

Deliver Detail: INCOTERMS 2010

Service: Provides Technological Consulting


Product Description

Our company is a registered member of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation,The company relies on refining products resources of 28 Sinopec owned enterprises.


You can choose two types of petroleum coke, one is anode grade petroleum coke. The development of China’s aluminum industry in recent years has pushed the production process and technology of carbon anodes more and more mature. We have rich practical experience and own petroleum coke resources for you to choose so that you can select and match petroleum coke with different indexes ( mainly referring to sulfur content and metal content ) to ensure the quality of carbon anodes.


In addition, because China imports a part of crude oil from the Middle East every year for refining, a part of high-sulfur petroleum coke is used as fuel in cement plants, glass plants and so on.


Since the sulfur content of Chinese petroleum is as low as 0.2 %, if you want to import low-sulfur petroleum coke, the sulfur content of petroleum coke here can be as low as about 0.5 %.

Application Industrial
  • Carbon anode and graphite electrode
  • Cement plants, glass plants and power plants as fuel
Main Featrues
  • Delayed coking process
  • Sinopec Group production line
Table 1: General Specifications
Index S VM Ash FC Fine Coke <8mm
Uint % % % % %
YBYJJ-1 2 10 0.3 85 30
YBYJJ-2 4 12 0.5 85 40
Table 2:Trace Elements
Index Na Si Ca V Fe Ni
Uint ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm
YBYJJ-1 100 200 200 200 200 150
YBYJJ-2 150 300 400 400 400 250
For Your Attention
  • In China, petroleum coke for prebaked anodes is divided into two grades according to its physical and chemical properties: YBYJJ-1 and YBYJJ-2;
  • The physical and chemical properties of petroleum coke for prebaked anodes shall comply with the requirements of Table 1.
  • The moisture content, subject to the reported value, shall be negotiated and determined by the supplier and the demander.
  • Trace elements are mainly negotiated between the supplier and the demander, and the technical requirements for trace elements can be referred to Table 2 above.
  • Kindly contact us if you need petroleum coke with sulfur content more than 6%.

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