Waste Carbon Anode

Waste Carbon Anode

Rejected Carbon Anodes or Spent Anode Carbon is another name of Waste Carbon Anode which is  the fuel used for copper scrap smelting.

In addition Calcined Petroleum Coke, Carbon Anode Butts, Green Anode and Coal Tar Pitch are mixed with Waste Carbon Anode at temperatures to produce Baked Carbon Anode which used in the  production of Electrolytic Aluminum.

It can also be directly processed into Carbon Bricks through mechanical processing such as sawing and cutting or processed into Graphite Block after further high-temperature treatment.

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The qualified products of green anode after baked are supplied to electrolytic aluminum, but about 2% of the appearance defects are usually produced in the anode baking process. These carbon blocks have the same physical and chemical indexes as qualified ones, though their appearance is usually characterized by certain defects, which are determined to be waste carbon anodes These appearance defects are generally as follows:

  • Oxidation: this kind of oxidation is only local and surface oxidation, that is, it appears loose in certain local position.
  • Cracks: usually the crack length is not larger than 300 mm and the crack depth is generally not more than 10 mm.
  • Carbon bowl defects: there are several carbon bowls at the top of the carbon anode. In some cases, the carbon block may be judged to be waste one because of defect(s) in the appearance of the carbon bowls.
  • Local edge losses: the area of the defect part is small, showing a local state.
  • Deformation: the anode after being baked is slightly bent in appearance.

The above waste carbon blocks can be directly transformed into carbon sticks with certain shape and size through processing equipment (cutting, sawing, milling), which saves the previous processes of crushing, screening, batching, kneading, molding and baking, and their production cost is very low.Please browse the video as follows:

Sawing carbon anode into carbon plates


  • Carbon sticks:  Carbon sticks are widely used in metallurgical industry, such as blast furnace carbon blocks, aluminum reduction cell carbon blocks, electric furnace carbon blocks, etc.
  • Graphite blocks: directly graphitized after being processed into carbon bricks.
  • Replace foundry coke for metal smelting of copper scrap and aluminium scrap.

Main Featrues

  • Easy for processing
  • The physical and chemical indexes are consistent with baked carbon anodes
  • Low ash and moisture content



  • Product classification: According to physical and chemical properties, it is divided into two grades: TY-1 and TY-2.
  • Please use it by the guidance from our engineers and thanks.



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