Provide carbon anode scrap of low sulfur, low ash and high fixed carbon content from the Middle East

JH CARBON LIMITED provides low sulfur(Total sulfur content is low and in a in a state of control:Most of the content is below 2.5%,The maximum content may reach 3% on individual samples, but the overall level is at 2.0-2.5%), low ash and high quality carbon anode scrap (other name:carbone anode butts) for pyrometallurgical smelters abroad smelting for many years and is the leading company of butt supplier in the world.


In response to “one belt one road”and China enterprises“going out”strategy ,we supply high carbon fuel during the production of gold, silver, copper and other precious metals , provide one-stop remote service from the Middle East (for example: Dubai) to every port in the world.we promise good quality, timely shipment,competitive price. Just JH CARBON LIMITED hot line , you can get what you want no matter where you are.Welcome to JH CARBON LIMITED.


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