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Rejcked Baked Carbon Anode Block

Rejcked Baked Carbon Anode Block is defects formed on surface of carbon anode block ,its acceptable such as :Oxidation and pitting or Cracks on part of surface;gap between the two side holes;deformation in the holes;others defects formed of surface etc.

Its physical and chemical indicators are qualified for electrolytic aluminum plants,Usually, the carbon anode factory recycles, crushes and sieves it, and then becomes the raw material of carbon anode together with calcined petroleum coke and modified asphalt, which can not only replace the calcined petroleum coke to reduce production costs, but also improve the strength of carbon anode.

The apparent density, true density, compressive strength, CO2 reactivity (residual anode rate), flexural strength, room temperature resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, ash content and other parameter of the baked anode meet standards of China’s non-ferrous metal smelting industry which is divided into two grades: TY-1 and TY-2.

The parameters such as thermal conductivity, permeability, air reactivity, and trace element content (sulfur, vanadium, nickel, silicon, iron, sodium, calcium) also meet the process requirements for electrolytic aluminum.

In summary, they only have defects in appearance,It can replace calcined petroleum coke as the raw material of carbon anode after crushing and screening

more info please borse the VIDEO:Rejcked Baked Carbon Anode Block


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