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Residual Carbon Anode Buyer and Supplier as JH CARBON

Recycling of Residual Carbon Anode in form of used Aodes (butts) or even a fine dust of carbon plays an important role in ALUMINUM SMELTER OPERATION

Of course Carbon Anode plants reuse the Residual Carbon Anode material in the next anode production at first if the Ash content and Trace Element content of Residual Carbon Anode are relatively low

They use Residual Carbon Anode ratio in between 15 – 20% in dry aggregate to replace Calcined petroleum coke (abbreviation CPC) to some extend but not more than certain percentage depend on the breakeven cost. as this will be huge cost if its increased. must to balance cost and quality control.

If the plants have accepted too many thick Residual Carbon Anode assembly. After being crushed and it has been beyond our butt silos capacity. That’s the background reason why they selll carbon anode butts and Fine (not to be consumed in the next anode production). Usually, we sell these material to the Professional intermediate traders such as JH CARBON.

We solution ensuring conformance to local and international regulations and Basel Convention at first,then Collaborates with industries( scrap metal Recovery,smelting and  regeneration /carbon paste / Rock wool production) to convert one industry’s waste into valuable raw materials or fule for another, by offering an innovative solution to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

We provide MSDS and transportation condition appraisal documents to shipping companies, in addition to ensuring compliance to local and international regulations and Basel Convention.

Finally, we would like to clarify the following:

  • we are not a manufacturer of Residual Carbon Anode  as they directly come from electrolytic cells
  • JH CARBO is just a Sustainable Waste Management (abbreviation SWM) of Residual Carbon Anode
  • JH CARBON don’t produce  Residual Carbon Anode, we are just porter of  Residual Carbon Anode


JH Carbon

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