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Suggestion on the production of carbon electrode paste in Iran

electrode paste

Carbon paste electrode is sometimes abbreviated to CPE

Carbon Electrode Paste is a self-baking electrode used in submerged arc furnaces for delivering power to the charge mix. Electrode Paste is added to the top of the electrode column in either cylindrical or briquette form.

Iran has been economic sanctions for long time and restrict development of the domestic manufacturing level, such as these heavy industries: iron and steel metallurgy、foundry industry。

Including material production for the above industries,such as graphite electrode, carbon anode for aluminum, carburant, calcined petroleum coke and CPE and other carbon products be imported from China .

Therefore, In recent years, the Iran government is actively preparing for the construction of steel and electrolytic aluminum production line, including the corresponding carbon product line, however, a large part of the Iran carbon products be dependent on imports from Chinese still, and this trend will be keep a long time, The reasons are as follows:

China has maintained friendly relations with Iran and trade partners, When Iran has been sanctioned , Many China’s products have gone deep into the hearts of the people in Iran,The company also established mutual trust and understanding between the two countries.

At present, the bank of Kunlun in China can accept funds from Iran in trade cooperation.

Many of the production technologies in Iran come from Chinaa about the industry of mentioned above,For example: The current design and construction of a large electrolytic aluminum production line in the Iran,It was undertaken by Chinese companies.The training of workers depends on the output of Chinese technology after the production line has been built.

Although the equipment is simpler than the carbon anode production line as the CPE production line,But the performance of electrode paste is quite high that how to adapt to the working characteristics of downstream customers,Some customers are sensitive to the fluidity of CPE,But other customers are concerned about the strength of the CPE.So it will be an ordeal that how to adjust the performance of the product in the production process of  carbon electrode paste.


Purchase electrode paste from China, when the electrode paste business is in the early stage. at the same time, you plan to build the production line of electrode paste.

Because it takes a long time to establish the production line of electrode paste, whether the supply of raw materials has advantages.


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