Situated in Furong District,Changsha City, Hunan Province JH CARBON was established in 2014, with a branch in Hong Kong to facilitate international trade. The founder of JH CARBON is an engineer, who has been engaged in the production of carbon anodes since 1993.

Having built a close relationship with electrolytic aluminum and coking plants, the company has enjoyeddirect sources of carbon anode butts from different countries, such as Oman, Malaysia, Bahrain and more.

JH CARBON specializes in the production and sales of carbon, coke, coal and graphite products, including carbon anode, carbon anode scrap,carbon paste electrode, foundry coke, metallurgical coke, calcined petroleum coke,calcined anthracite coal, coke breeze, graphitized petroleum coke, etc.

The products are widely used in electrolytic aluminum, iron and steel smelting, foundry, waste metal smelting, backfill for cathodic protection, friction materials, etc.

We have extensive cooperation with many aluminium plant  in China, so we have a stable and long-term purchase demand for aluminum ingots.

JH CARBON supplies  carbon anode butts to  metal smelting plants in the Southeast Asia, and purchases raw materials for these metal smelting plants such as:copper mud, copper slag, copper residue, copper concentrate, copper wire, copper slag, aluminum slag, aluminum scrap, etc.

JH CARBON has warehouses in Malaysia to provide better local services.

With years of development, JH CARBON has gained a high reputation for its rich experience and professional service in the carbon industry. It looks forward to seeking more cooperation with customers at home and abroad.

Regarding the legitimacy of our company, we are an active running company with (company registration number 91420112330366376 J ) Incorporated on 23 October, 2014 registered under the government in China. Check details on companies house website for confirmations: http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html

Hong Kong Branch (registration number 2510147 ) was incorporated on 27 March, 2016 registered under the government in Hong Kong. Check details on companies house website for confirmations:https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci

JH CARBON is the member of Made-in-China.com. Please check the showroom on this website:https://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/jhcarbon

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Management Team

Top management team works with their professional team to lead and manage global business for JH CARBON.

Jun Xiang, Director and Engineer
Non-ferrous metal smelting and carbon engineer.
Twenty years of experience in carbon anode production and technical experience, Has a wide network and industry background in the carbon field.

Coco Zhang, General Manager
Bachelor of Business English
Rich knowledge and 10 years of practical experience in international trade.

Pepper Mei, Trading Manager
More than 10 years of working experience in international trade, Familiar with metallurgy and mineral industry .

Kayla Xiao, Trading Manager
5 years of work experience in the field of international trade, Graduate in International Trade and Master of Business English.

May Hu, Regional Manager
Responsible for managing warehouses in Malaysia.

With 10 years of work experience in the field of international trade uidance from the management team, JH CARBON is committed to excellence. We partner with and serve like-minded others within the industry to cooperatively lead the way forward with the highest standards of corporate citizenship.


To be recognized as an international provider to the global market with carbon and associated products


  • Global supply chain in carbon and associated products with leading position in Asia
  • Acquiring multi-origins supply sources with carbon and associated products
  • Trustworthy ,stable and high commitment of quality of resources
  • Providing full range of quality control and services
  • Providing reliable technical consultation for carbon anode production
  • Responsibility of society and environment


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