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Inspecting carbon anode scrap via CCIC

Inspecting carbon anode scrap

For the past two years, JH CARBON LTD has been committed to the intermediary trade of carbon anode scrap. It is that, compared with China and Malaysia, some countries have certain advantages in terms of the price of carbon anode scrap, but some countries and regions are in extreme lack of quality awareness. One of the most important phenomena is that in terms of loading methods, they are mostly loaded into containers directly by forklift trucks. Although the bucket of the forklift is equipped with a special grid screen to sift off the scraps and powder, the result can be easily affected by the operation competence and responsibility of the forklift driver, and it is highly possible for the scrap and powder to be poured into the container together. Therefore, it is actually difficult to ensure the loading quality, especially when large proportion of scrap and powder is present in the carbon anode scrap itself.

JH CARBON LTD entrusted China Certification & Inspection Group (Abbreviation: CCIC)to inspect carbon anode scrap before supplying it to other countries, and arranges container loading supervision during the whole loading process.


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