Aluminium Dross Slag

Aluminium Dross Slag

Aluminium Dross Slag also spelled Aluminum Dross Slag

Aluminum Dross is a surface layer on a aluminum melt, which has a high oxide content. Aluminum Slag is formed on the surface of aluminum melts as a result of interaction with air gases, primarily, with oxygen.

Aluminum Slag is a physical mixture of oxides and other solid compounds, as well as molten metal, which is inside them.

Aluminum Dross, which forms on the surface of the aluminum melt, is an inevitable by-product.

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Aluminum dross slag is from industries of melting aluminum and aluminum alloys. In solid form, the dross or slag is a valuable by-product, This is because, that the slag, in addition to oxides, often contains a large amount of usable metallic aluminum.

We collaborate with smelting factories to produce aluminum alloys by entrusting the processing of aluminum dross slag in Malaysia.

Sometimes we  purchase and store aluminum dross slag in our own warehouses and sell them to local aluminum smelting factories in Malaysia.

Of course, we prefer to establish aluminum smelting production lines locally in electrolytic aluminum factories for long-term recovery and treatment of aluminum dross and slag. If the electrolytic aluminum factory can stably supply aluminum dross and slag for a long time, we can directly convert aluminum dross and slag into aluminum alloy ingots to reduce the logistics cost of transporting aluminum dross and slag.



  • Jakarta port/Indonesia
  • Bangkok and Laem Chabang port / Thailand
  • Manila port / Philippines
  • Klang and Penang port / Malaysia
  • Chattogram port / Bangladesh
  • Ho Chi Minh and Haiphong port / Vietnam,etc

(Here is just an example. The exact discharge port would be finalized and mentioned in each PO and CONTRACT to the seller after each order confirmed, discharge port might be different for each shipment order),

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