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Carbon anode butts from the Middle East

carbon anode butts from Middle East

We provides low sulfur(Total sulfur content is low and in a in a state of control:Most of the content is below 2.5%,The maximum content may reach 3% on individual samples, but the overall level is at 2.0-2.5%), low ash and high quality carbon anode butts (other name:carbone anode scrap) for smelting for many years and is the leading company of butt supplier in the world.

In response to “one belt one road”and China enterprises“going out”strategy ,we supply fuel of carbon anode butts from the Middle East (such as Dubai,Bahrain, UAE, etc) to every port in the world.we promise timely shipment,competitive price and Quality controlled.

Usually,we will entrust inspection Corporation such as SGS and CCIC to visit, inspect and check the plant of carbon anode butts which we cooperate with.

JH CARBON LTD‘s advantage if you choose us as your partner

We focus on carbon industry with good reputation for more than 25 years and rank ahead in market.

We have rich export & domestic experience on carbon products, from China source, or source from other countries for entrepot trade.

We obtain stable official sources, supply channels & quality are both stable and mature, price would be competitive. Many big Aluminum plants and others are our deep signed strategic partners.


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