Carbon Anode

Carbon Anode

Others Name: Carbon Anode Block / Baked Carbon Anode
Packing: Customer Require
Standard: YS/T285-2012
Origin: China
Min Order Quantily: 5000 Ton
Supply Abitly: 10000Tons/month
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Deliver Detail: INCOTERMS 2010
Services: Provides Technological Consulting

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In recent years, China has become the world’s second largest aluminum producer with its electrolytic aluminum undergoing a rapid development, and it is also a producer and exporter of carbon anode for aluminum. China boasts superior competitiveness in producing carbon anode for aluminum owing to its rich petroleum coke resources, advanced craftsmanship and equipment, experienced industrial workers and a complete manufacturing system.

China generally exports carbon anodes through cooperating with some exporters, because a license issued by the Chinese government must be obtained before exporting carbon anodes. At the same time, the carbon anode factories in China hardly have any international trade team, and they are more willing to put all their efforts into production and domestic sales.

Our company’s technical engineers once served as an engineer, a workshop director, a technical director and a factory director of carbon anode factories during 2003-2012,   and he cooperated with other carbon anode exporters in China to export carbon blocks, having acquired a thorough understanding of the requirements of overseas aluminum factories for carbon anode properties.

All the carbon anodes of Press Metal Company (Malaysia) are imported from China. The company recently bought a carbon anode production line in southern China and started production in early 2017. Our technicians once served as the preparation and technical staff of that production line in 2005.

Since China’s quality standards for carbon anodes have been revised over these years, the carbon anode performance conforming to these standards can fully meet the requirements of electrolytic aluminum plants. When a carbon anode factory in China cooperates with an electrolytic aluminum plant and signs a contract, it will refer to the standard: Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China (YS/T255-2012).

The quality and characteristics of calcined petroleum coke are the basis and precondition of high quality carbon anode


Prebaked Carbon Anode for aluminium electrolysis,and design and manufacture according to customer’s requirements.

Main Featrues

  •  Low ash and high strength
  • Low electrical receptivity
  • made from the qualified petroleum coke and coal tar pitch



  • Product classification: According to physical and chemical properties, it is divided into two grades: TY-1 and TY-2.
  • The apparent density, true density, compressive strength, CO2 reactivity (residual anode rate), flexural strength, room temperature resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, ash content and other parameters of the baked carbon anode should meet the regulations in the above table.
  • The parameters other than those specified in the above table, such as thermal conductivity, air permeability, air reactivity and trace element content (sulfur, vanadium, nickel, silicon, iron, sodium, calcium), which are required by both parties, shall be stated in the contract.



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