Graphite Powder

Graphite Powder

Other Name : High purity graphite powder
Dimensions: Nature Or Customized
Packing: In Bulk / Ton Bag
Origin Place: China
Min Order: 100 Tons
Supply Abitly: 300 Tons
Delivery Date: 20 Work Days
Application 1st: LithiumBattery Anode Materials
Application 2nd: Graphite Additive

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High purity graphite powder is made of high purity graphite The size of the graphite particles processed is different according to the processing method.


The specifications and uses of graphite powder are related. In the specification of graphite powder, it is not necessarily said that the larger the mesh number of graphite powder is, the smaller the particle size of graphite powder is, the better the quality of graphite powder is. The higher the carbon content of graphite powder is, the higher the electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance of graphite powder are Among the specifications and uses of graphite powder, it is very important to select the appropriate specification of graphite powder in industrial production, which is beneficial to the control of production cost.


The graphite powder with large mesh size and small particle size has high carbon content, so the graphite powder can be widely used.


  • lithium battery anode materials.
  • graphite emulsion.
  • graphite glue.
  • graphene.
  • graphite additive.
  • silicon carbide.
  • electric heating elements.
  • sintering mold.
  • high-purity crucible utensils.
  • structural casting mold Electron tube anode.
  • graphite electrode.
  • brush.
  • kinescope coating.

Main Featrues

  • Low ash ,Low sulphur,Low resistivity
  • Low nitrogen
  • Good absorption



  • According to customer’s requirements about size
  • Up to 99.95% carbon content


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