Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Graphitized Petroleum Coke  is widely used in precision castings ,steel smelting works, as carbon raisers, It’s also used in foundries as modifying agent to increase the quantities of speroidal graphite or improve the structure of gray iron casting thus upgrade the class of gray iron casting

Other Name: Graphite petroleum coke/Artificial Graphite/Sythentic graphite/graphite granules

Origin: China

Appearance: Black Particles

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The sulfur content of calcined petroleum coke is usually difficult to reach below 0.1%, because the process temperature of calcined petroleum coke is about 1300℃, under this condition, the actual sulfur eliminated from petroleum coke is very few.

Graphitization can reach 2500℃ and eliminate most of the sulfur content, which can be lower than 0.03%, and the nitrogen content be as low as 100 PPM.

Due to the low content of sulfur and nitrogen, graphitized petroleum coke particles are widely used as carburants in steel and casting industries, especially for the environment and industry with high requirements for steel properties, basically graphitized coke particles are selected as the carburants.

Using high-quality petroleum coke as raw material,our company produces graphitized petroleum coke in high temperature of 2600-3000℃by graphitizing craft.Graphitized petroleum coke has the features as following:low ash ,low sulphur,low resistivity.The product can be used as high-quality carbon additive in steel-making and high performance cast-making.

In addition, the graphite pieces produced in the processing of graphite electrode are crushed and screened into certain particles, which have stable quality and low nitrogen, and are quality carburants.

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Graphite Petroleum Coke


  • Carburizer for metallurgical industry.
  • Reducers for chemical industry.
  • Casting reduction inoculant.
  • Refractory field

Main Featrues

  • Low ash ,Low sulphur,Low resistivity
  • Low nitrogen
  • Good absorption



  • Typical size:1-5 mm / 5-10mm / 8-20mm.
  • According to customer’s requirements about size
  • Please use it by the guidance from our engineers and thanks.



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