Metallurgical Coke

Metallurgical Coke


Metallurgical Coke is a special coke prepared from the best variety of coal by a process of destructive distillation under supply of insufficient oxygen in coke -ovens at around 1100°C. It is used for converting the iron ore into pig -iron in a blast Furnace.

Metallurgical Coke is primarily used as a raw material for the production of iron and steel, hence, market trends across the steel industry directly reflect on the Metallurgical Coke market.


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Coke is a major material for the production of iron. Metallurgical coke supplies most of the reducing gas and heat for ore reduction and smelting.

Metallurgical coke is the coke used for blast furnace ironmaking. Since more than 90% of metallurgical coke is used for blast furnace ironmaking, it is often called metallurgical coke. Metallurgical coke plays the role of heating, reducing agent and framework in blast furnace.

Difference between metallurgical coke and foundry coke:Foundry coke is used for smelting iron in Cupola,Compared with metallurgical coke, foundry coke has large size, low reactivity and small porosity.

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Metallurgical Coke with Size 1-10-30-80mm



  • Fuel for blast furnace.
  • Smelting of scrap metals such as copper, aluminum, lead and zinc.
  • Fuel for iron and steel smelting .

Index Review

Sulfur content: sulfur is one of the harmful impurities in pig iron smelting, which reduces the quality of pig iron. The sulfur content of coke directly affects the production of blast furnace.

Phosphorus content in coke: the content of phosphorus in metallurgical coke for iron making should be less than 0.02-0.03%.

Ash in coke: the influence of ash in coke on blast furnace smelting is very significant. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the ash content of coke.
Volatile matter in coke: according to the volatile matter content of coke, the maturity of coke can be determined.

Moisture in coke: moisture fluctuation will cause inaccurate measurement of coke, thus causing fluctuation of furnace condition.

Strength: will produce powder and affect the blast furnace process If the strength of coke is low.


Specifications-metallurgical coke


  • Typical size:25-50mm / 30-80mm .
  • According to customer’s requirements about size.
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