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We will created and cooperation plant of calcined petroleum coke

China has overcapacity in steel, cement and electrolytic aluminium for few years.It brings fog and haze other environmental problems just like England one hundred years ago.


Then the quality of air and water is getting worse and worse in China and The Chinese government is determined to tackle smog and environmental pollution as a whole, and tremendous efforts have already been made in this regard. But the progress we have made still falls far short of the expectation of our people recently .


The supply of calcined petroleum coke is much larger than the quantity requirements in China before 2016.So government began to Shutdown some factories that Environmental protection facilities is not well.As a result, the export of calcined petroleum coke has suddenly declined and the prices moved up about 100-150 $/ton.


We expect that this situation will continue for 1-2 years before some calcined petroleum coke plants are created .Our company will continue to export calcined petroleum coke in the future.So we cooperate with calcined petroleum coke plant and It is located 30 kilometers away from Lianyungang,China.


we and the factory is preparing to create second production lines for Export CPC the year after next.


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