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EGA will cooperate with Chinese carbon anode manufacturers

Chinese carbon anode manufacturers are starting to expand their market into the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates is the fifth largest producer of primary aluminum in the world, and EGA is the world’s largest producer of high-purity aluminum. It is also the largest industrial enterprise in the UAE besides oil and natural gas. As an important overseas customer of Sunstone Development Company, EGA highly recognizes Sunstone’s development of high-end baked anode products and services.

The achievement of this cooperation will facilitate Sunstone’s further exploration of the global market and lay a solid foundation for joint venture cooperation with global high-quality raw aluminum producers.

The UAE is an important raw material Petroleum coke production area for baked anode, and also the location of EGA, with obvious geographical advantages. Combined with the advanced technology and process advantages accumulated by Sunstone Development in the baked anode industry, it will further provide more high-quality products and services to customers in the Middle East and overseas.


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