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high-quality calcined anthracite

The raw material of calcined anthracite is high-quality anthracite from Ningxia,China and Vietnam.It has the characteristics of low ash, low sulfur and low phosphorus, and has high calorific value, high specific resistance, high lump coal rate, high chemical activity, high clean coal recovery rate and high mechanical strength. It is an indispensable raw material for smelting industry and casting industry.

Our calcined anthracite is processed and screened at high temperature, with uniform particles and various types. The carbon content is 85% to 95%, and the size can be customized according to your requirements.

93-95% of calcined anthracite is produced and exported in Vietnam, and 85-92% of calcined anthracite is produced and exported in China,,

Why are we so?

Calcined anthracite has been mined for many years in China. The resource of anthracite with high carbon content is becoming less and less, and the price of raw materials is becoming more and more expensive. Calcined anthracite with less than 92% content still has certain advantages. On the contrary, calcined anthracite with high carbon content has comparative advantages in Vietnam

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As a supplier of calcined anthracite, we will give you suggestions and make the best choice based on the comprehensive situation of FOB price, ocean freight, etc.: import calcined anthracite coal from China or Vietnam.

All products are available at any time and we can offer you Competitive price.

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