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Client is Unloading Carbon Anode Scrap by Crane

The price of carbon materials are going up month and month this year in China ,JH CARBON LIMITED  has not never purchase carbon and graphite products since April in China, such as carbon anode butts, calcined petroleum coke, carbon block, foundry coke and other Carburant, Because clients can’t accept the rising prices.

Therefore,JH CARBON LTD supply carbon anode scrap from the Middle East again,Although the proportion of dust and small size is aroud 5%, but the price of the Middle East has a very obvious advantage.It’s about 200 dollars cheaper than China now.So most of clients are willing to accept it which from the Middle East.

The carbon anode scrap is usually loaded into the container by forklift, which is also the fundamental reason for the high dust content of carbon anode butts in the container.

We use the 40 feett container to ship the carbon anode scrap. The net weight of each container is about 26 tons.

Because the 40 feet container is long, some clients directly unload it with a crane, which is more efficient and saves manpower. However, the operation of the crane needs to be very careful, pay attention to safety and do not broken the container.

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